Town of Hespeler

Urban Redevelopment Proposal


As part of a school project, I worked in a group to propose an urban redevlopment for the Town of Hespeler - an historic part of Kitchener-Waterloo Region in Southern Ontario. The aim of the project was to devise a means of pedestrianizing the site, as demonstrated through a 1 : 2,000 scale model.


The site in question is an older neighbourhood that was once a key corridor within the region. A small main street with residential and commercial uses resides on one side of the Grand River, the other being a large industrial area, all of which is connected to regional rail.

An important part of Urban Design is community involvement - designs are ultimately made to improve the lives of residents, so their opinions are important. As such, we held a design charette with residents and professionals to brainstorm with them and discuss their desires for the site. We came away with ideas for a pedestrianized and climate-resistance community.

To achieve this, we went through several iterations of site plans, each getting more detailed, to get feedback as we progressed. This started with a site analysis, determining the strengths and weaknesses of the site, and evolved into a design concept detailing propsed uses, building footprints, and environmental features.


At the conclusion of this project we presented several panels to design professionals, summarizing the work that had been completed and offering a formal vision for the site. This included several renderings of our proposal, which I was responsible for. The key features of our final vision were stormwater islands in the Grand River to provide habitats and remove sediment, a network of paths and new developments throughout the site to improve walkability and make the site a destination in the region.